About Cooperad

Cooperad (pron. “co-operad”) is a platform for sharing ideas, in the form of multiple interconnected wikis and blogs.

The project was started in November 2016, and it’s still under construction.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create my site on Cooperad?

At the moment the site is still in beta testing, and so the creation of new sites is limited. Please contact the admin at paolo@cooperad.org if you want a site now (but please mind that there may be still many updates happening).

Is Cooperad just for pure math?

In principle, no. You are always welcome to ask for a site, no matter what your field is, and we hope Cooperad will be useful to you.

The platform for now provides only support for equations, diagrams, and graph, which are best-suited for pure math (for example, there are no computational tools), but it can still be used as a shared notebook.

In the future we may add features for other fields of math and science, depending on who will mostly use the platform.

Some equations look cut on mobile. How do I view them?

Just tap on them and slide to the left!

Who is running Cooperad?

The project has been started by me (Paolo Perrone) in 2016. Presently I own the site personally and do the maintenance myself, sometimes asking people I know personally for help. I pay for the server with personal money: there is no advertising here, and for now I do not accept donations.

If the platform becomes successful enough, in the future I may ask for the support of a public institution.

Responsibility for content

Cooperad is not responsible for the content that the users post. We do our best to remove inappropriate content like obscenities, hateful speech, and copyrighted material, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to spot such content as soon as it is posted.

Please don’t post inappropriate content yourself! You will be banned, and you will bother admins and users for no reason.

In case you see inappropriate content, please report it by clicking on the exclamation box in the bottom right corner of every page.

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