Guidelines for Writing

Here are some general guidelines for posting here, so that this place does not become a huge mess.

  • To give your pages a structure, use headings. Use Heading 2 for the main sections, and lower headings for subsections. The table of contents will be generated automatically.
  • To add a reference, please use the “reference list” in the top right corner of the edit page. The links and the entries in the table of contents will be generated automatically. For more information, please visit the plugin page Academic Blogger’s Toolkit.
  • Use comments whenever you want to add a personal remark. To write a comment, use [chat "Your name"] Your comment [/chat]. Comments can contain links, equations, and graphics, but not other comments. So for a discussion between users, please do not nest comments, but instead write one comment after another. Please write your name, it avoids confusion.
  • Make sure there are links between related concepts. This is a site, not a book: without the proper links, the content may get unreadable.
  • Particularly important is to insert a link whenever you refer to a concept which has been introduced on this website.
  • Don’t just insert links on your new page, but also links from other pages to your page, otherwise your page will not be found. (So, make links, not just colinks!)
  • Internal links are marked in blue, external links in green and open automatically a new tab. This only works when the path of the link is clear, so use redirections with care.
  • For LaTeX, see here.

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