Welcome to Cooperad!

Cooperad (pron. “co-operad”) is a platform for sharing ideas, in the form of multiple interconnected wikis and blogs.

  • Are your coworkers always in different places of the world, so that it’s hard to discuss ideas together? Do you write emails or call them on Skype, but miss writing equations and graphs clearly?
  • Would you like to create your own scientific blog, possibly shared, to tell the world what you are working on, and maybe start interesting discussions?
  • Would you like to write down notes, but find a notebook too small, too personal, or too linear for your thoughts? Would you prefer a place where you can naturally draw links between different ideas or different projects, possibly with other people, but not necessarily publicly?
  • Do you think it’s a waste of time to scribble notes on paper, and then rewrite everything in TeX when it’s time to publish?
  • Would you like to have a public archive for your preprints where you can always correct mistakes, add content, and link to your follow-up research?
  • Would you like any of the above, but don’t want to waste your time setting up such a platform, because you have already your work to do?

Then this is the right place for you!

  • You can have your free personal wiki on Cooperad, with private and public content, hyperlinks, and multiple users.
  • You can write your scientific blog, with public and private posts, links, comments, and discussions.
  • Cooperad has full LaTeX support, including TikZ, and it can display math formulas, graphs, and diagrams in a nice and easy way.

Like this:


and this:

    \begin{align*} \int_{\partial\Omega} E \cdot dS &=\dfrac{1}{\epsilon_0} \int_{\Omega}\rho\,dV \\ \int_{\partial\Omega} B \cdot dS &= 0 \\ \int_{\partial\Sigma} E \cdot dl &= - \dfrac{d}{dt}\int_{\Sigma} B\cdot dS \\ \int_{\partial\Sigma} B \cdot dl &= \mu_0\int_{\Sigma} J\cdot dS + \epsilon_0 \mu_0 \, \dfrac{d}{dt} \int_{\Sigma} E \cdot dS \end{align*}


and this:


…and in the future you can copy and paste their TeX code right into your paper, with no further editing!

  • Cooperad automatically takes care of pagination, table of contents, and scalability.
  • Cooperad is 100% mobile and tablet friendly, and works on any operating system.

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Welcome to Cooperad. Enjoy your research!

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